Women as ideal candidates for your bottleneck vacancies

The labor market in Belgium is changing and there is an increasing need for diversity in the workplace. It is important for companies to embrace diversity and inclusiveness as it not only contributes to a healthy company culture, but also to better results. In this blog, we will discuss why women are ideal candidates for your bottleneck vacancy and what all they can contribute in the workplace.

In the Belgian labor market, there is still a gender gap when it comes to employment. Women are often underrepresented in certain sectors and in higher positions. Such a shame, because women have a lot to offer in the workplace. For example, women are often communicative and have a good sense of cooperation and team building. By taking women seriously as candidates for your job openings, you as a company can take an important step toward creating an inclusive work environment.

The benefits of diversity

Diversity in the workplace is important not only for a healthy company culture, but also for better results. Companies with a diverse team tend to be more innovative and more responsive to the needs of diverse customers. In addition, diversity creates a wider pool of ideas and perspectives, which can lead to better decisions and more creativity.

Women as ideal candidates

Women often have skills that can come in handy in the workplace. For example, they are often very strong communicators and have a good sense of collaboration and team building. Also, most women are masters at multitasking and have great empathy. These are all indispensable skills for your workplace.

Women outnumber men at work in administrative personnel, service and sales personnel, intellectual, scientific and artistic occupations, as well as in elementary occupations (domestic help, etc.). In contrast, women represent only a very small proportion of craftsmen, plant and machinery operators, and assembly workers, farmers and skilled workers in agricultural or military occupations. Finally, only one in three managers is a woman. High time to change this and consider them more often for bottleneck vacancies that have always been considered true "men's jobs" through the generations. 

Tips for attracting talented women

There are several recruitment strategies companies can use to attract women. We offer some tips:

  • Use gender-neutral job postings and application forms.
  • Create a diversity and inclusion policy and match words with deeds in the equality of opportunity for men and women.
  • Make use of various recruitment channels to attract the widest possible audience. On some social media, the user base among women is much higher. Therefore, put extra effort into that via ads.
  • Make the benefits for employees known such as flexible working hours, work-from-home opportunities and training opportunities. This may appeal to women looking for an employer that supports their work-life balance.

Some examples of leading companies that have used effective strategies to attract women are easy to find:

  • For example, has Deloitte established a Women in Leadership program aimed at identifying, developing and supporting female talent within the company. 
  • Also Nike has implemented a diversity and inclusion strategy aimed at attracting and retaining diverse talent, including women.
  • Microsoft has made a strong effort in recent years to attract women and people from diverse backgrounds. This has led to an increase in diversity within the company and has also contributed to a improving business results.

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