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As an employment agency, we provide the selection and recruitment of the right foreign workers.

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If you can't find employees locally for your temporary vacancies, we'll see how we can with temporary work can make the difference for your company. With more than +15 years of experience in recruiting foreign employees, we can act very quickly. To fill vacancies that offer only 3 to 4 months of employment, you don't want to wait months. That is why we work with a extensive network of local partners 

These experienced recruitment consultants and support staff know what is important to Belgian companies and screen candidates for knowledge, experience and motivation. They speak their native language and explain everything in great detail so there are no misunderstandings about the job content later.   

Link2Europe thus not only supports you as an employer, but also helps your foreign workers further with all their questions. Because when foreign temporary workers arrive in Belgium, a lot is thrown at them: a new job, a new language and a different culture. 

Temporary and extra services

After you, together with us, have decided which employee can start with you as a temporary worker, we will start working with the new temporary worker.
We help him from finding the right home to integration within your company.

That way, you and your employees can focus on their own jobs. Link2Europe provides: 



A home for your foreign employee.



Something for everyone, a (electric) bike, scooter, car or scooter.

work clothes


Appropriate protection for the job.

Administrative assistance


Assistance in obtaining the appropriate permits, opening a bank account, joining a mutuality, closing the right insurance and completing the taxes. In short, we relieve the foreign worker in full.

other forms of support

Other forms
of support

We assist both the foreign worker and our client with practical questions about living and working in Belgium, integration into the company, translation of documents, security and so on. 

Temporary employment for bottleneck occupations

Our candidates for your bottleneck vacancies come from various Southern and Eastern European countries, but equally from outside the EU borders.

Our ambition is to find the right candidates for you at any time. That's why we continuously scan the international labor market situation.

So we analyze the candidate market and approach new countries and partners as quickly as possible who can assure us of the talent you are looking for. The stronger our base of partners, the faster and better we can find that talent.

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Temporary employment partnerships

Link2Europe strives to link supply and demand. Today some 15 international partners work with us to find candidates for your vacancies. Each partnership is regularly evaluated and new partnerships emerge as the job market evolves. 

So we grow optimally with your needs, now and in the future. 

The talent for you comes out today, among other things:  

What our customers say:


Operators for SanoRice

These two international talents are building their careers at Volvo cars.

Discover Wojciech and Alexander's story at Volvo Cars.

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