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Certain specialized, technical and highly skilled profiles its difficult to be found in Belgium. The pool is simply too small and the number of graduates too low. The permanent recruitment of foreign talented employees then offers a good way out.  As a recruitment and selection agency, we are looking for the right match for your vacancy and this inside and outside the EU. 

Is international talent the solution for your business?
Is your company ready for international recruitment?

But how does Link2Europe find all this foreign talent?

Our recruitment and selection depends on the employee profile sought. For this, we use or combine the resources below to find the ideal match for your company:

Together with our international partners, we identify and select both experienced profiles as promising candidates throughout the world.

Guidance before and after hiring


Link2Europe does a thorough job analysis of the profile sought within your company and initiates the recruitment and selection process. 


After the first selection we carefully screen candidates on their knowledge, experience and motivation, followed by a professional assessment.


In short, we guide you from A to Z in recruiting motivated talent from Europe and far beyond.


Administrative and practical support After signing the contract, his crucial. Not only for the foreign worker, but also for the employer. We will gladly take this assignment to heart so that your collaboration carefree can start.


We are primarily - but not exclusively - targeting these profiles in the






Or are you looking for an employee for your company abroad? A local sales representative? A field engineer? A country manager?

What our customers say:


Operators for SanoRice

They are employees with a highly driven work ethic

Logistics employees for De Rocker Logistics

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Natascha Nagels

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