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Belgian companies with foreign postings are since the new guidelines of August 2020 responsible For complying with Belgian law by their foreign subcontractors. And you better take this seriously as a company because at non-compliance threatens criminal prosecution.

Therefore, it is often safer To the foreign teams switching to Belgian temporary employment. In this way, the foreign employees immediately employed under the Belgian law.

From experience, we know that the transition to temporary employment often complex is. Until then, foreign workers received an amount per week or month in their country of origin, without more details. From the switch to temporary employment, there is gross and net pay, social charges, legal leave, different working conditions, and so on. Then it very important that your foreign workers well informed be. Moreover, these employees are now suddenly managed directly by the Belgian company and no longer by the subcontractor.

Not all matter that is easy to explain and just for that reason accompanies Link2Europe both your company and the new employees in this switch. This support often takes several months, until everyone is completely comfortable with the new situation.

Link2Europe provides:

The new temps get in addition:

With our personal approach, we show understanding of the new situation to both client and candidate. We guide both for as long as necessary.

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