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L.I.N.K. to the Oosterweel

Dear Easterweelbinder,

Whether you belong to the Lantis Group, Rinkonien, TM Roco or one of the many other Belgian companies working together to make Europe's largest shipyard a success, you will all have to deal with the search for the best employees and partnerships to work as efficiently as possible during this 10-year project within the responsibilities assigned to you.

Undoubtedly, you are faced with foreign workers being used in your relationship with subcontractors. You do not always find the right people through the known local employment agencies and you may have to recruit people yourself or decide to recruit certain specialists who are not available in Belgium.

Here it is important that this is not only legally correct, but you are also looking for the right support in terms of selection, communication, accommodation, social welfare of the foreign workers and correct remuneration of and by all parties.

You are confronted with Dimona, Limosa, inspections, check-in@work, cooperation agreements, secondment, temporary employment, foreign temporary employment,... In order to assist and support you in this, we have created our umbrella organization L.I.N.K. for the Oosterweel.

L.I.N.K. combines the expertise of many years in 1 point of contact for you as a company or contact person. Since 2007 our companies are already active in the field of international employment, recruitment and selection, temporary employment, guidance and selection of foreign (sub)contractors, legal support and all practical matters you may have to deal with in such project.

Link2Europe Construction

What can you expect from us?

Link2Europe specializes in the search of staff abroad for bottleneck occupations and this both for permanent recruitment and interim jobs. We assist them with work permits, social security, housing and all other things they struggle with during their stay in our country.

With Link4Projects as your partner, you make intelligent use of European subcontractors. In recent years, we have developed a significant pool of experienced European subcontractors built up, with whom we can quickly put you in touch and who have the necessary manpower.

Thanks to our agreement with Furbo Legal, we can assist you when complex legal questions arise in connection with the employment of foreign workers or subcontractors. In addition, they can also provide the necessary trainings or certifications which may be necessary.

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