International talent,
with experience as well as motivation.

Link2Europe finds the best solution on the international labour market

There has long been an imbalance between the supply of experienced workers and the need on the labor market for suitable profiles. That is why Link2Europe employees for hard-to-fill vacancies abroad.

International recruitment is possible thanks to our extensive network of local partners. These experienced recruitment consultants and support staff know what is important to your company and screen foreign candidates for knowledge, experience and motivation. They speak their native language and explain everything in great detail so there are no misunderstandings about the job content later.

To always meet your needs, hhe Link2Europe has specialized in 3 major pillars.

Always enough employees

 When you are growing, at peak times, when the need is high?

Our experts look for the right temporary workers in our international network.

International temporary employment

The solution for temporary peak times

International recruitment and selection

With L2E recruitment and selection, we also fill the vacancies of your higher permanent profiles.

Recruitment and selection

Finding long-term talent

Takeover foreign subcontractors

We ensure that foreign subcontractors can continue to work in accordance with Belgian legislation.

Taking over subcontractors

Together toward employment in Belgium

International recruiting step by step

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Your first time? Then let us meet first! This allows us to be more responsive to your organization's wants and specific needs....


You provide us with your (bottleneck) vacancy.


Link2Europe analyzes the position within your company and searches for the right candidate through partners and its own recruitment channels.

Our selection

Experienced recruitment consultants screen each candidate for knowledge, experience and motivation. This is important for you, as a future employer, but also for us: we take responsibility for helping people move and find work.

Throughout this process you will receive regular feedback about your vacancy, the actions we are taking and its status. Short on time and transparent!

Successful start

Once you have retained the suitable candidate, Link2Europe will ensure a good start for your new employee. 

Your selection

You select which candidates you want to interview further. The final selection of the candidate who best fits your company is entirely your choice.


You will receive a selection of the most suitable candidates. We organize a (video) interview or assessment with the candidates of your choice.

Counseling employer

Guidance employee

Link2Europe logo

Successful integration

The end result is a successful integration, with both a happy employer and a happy employee.

Link2Europe: automotive


Most reputable garages, body shops and manufacturing companies today are highly digitized ...
Link2Europe: tire center

Tire Centers

90% of the work in tire plants is seasonal ...
Link2Europe construction

Construction and infrastructure

The Construction and Infrastructure sector has high health and safety requirements ...
Link2Europe power supply


Food companies operate under strict HACCP rules, which must be known by everyone on the shop floor. ...
Link2Europe: Transport and logistics

Transportation and logistics

Thanks to our central location in Europe, Belgium is the country of choice for logistics bases, distribution centers ...
Link2Europe textiles


Operators, upholsterers, maintenance technicians ... in the textile sector, they are among the dying professions. ...
Link2Europe metal


Some of our metallurgical clients have been satisfied with their metalworkers, welders ...
Link2Europe industry and production

Industry and production

In the Belgian industrial and manufacturing sector, technological progress and innovation are central ...
Link2Europe other sectors

Other sectors

Seasonal and project work Companies are always in need of seasonal workers and extra employees at peak times ...

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