Some of our metal sector clients have been satisfied with their metalworkers, welders, overhead bridge operators, iron braiders, etc. from abroad since 2007. These are bottleneck occupations because they are tough stiles that not everyone enjoys doing. Over the years, on top of the physical effort, they have also become more technically challenging.

Link2Europe supplies the most diverse profiles in the metal sector.

Moreover, we also specialize in assisting companies in the transition from subcontracting to partial or full temporary employment. We guide you as a company, as well as the candidates, so that this transition goes as smoothly as possible for all parties. This way you are no longer dependent on the subcontractor and you are in control of your workforce.

Your employees are supervised and monitored by us because working under Belgian labor law is an impactful adjustment. Thanks to our cooperation, you as a customer will not feel the difference, or at least: through our temporary work, you no longer run any risks.

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