Link2Europe: a look back at 2022 in figures

The need for talented employees was again a top priority in 2022 for Belgian companies looking to get ahead. Also in 2022, our services offered pragmatic help, administrative support and an influx of foreign talent. Want to know how that translated into numbers?

How does Link2Europe find its talented foreign workers?

How Link2Europe finds talented foreign workers

Finding the right employee for the right job over and over again, how do we actually do it?
After more than 15 years as a niche player in linking foreign talent to Belgian vacancies, we now have a clear process and a network of steadfast foreign partners to fall back on.

Women as ideal candidates for your bottleneck vacancies

Are you looking for the ideal candidate for your company?
Discover why women can be the right choice and how they can take your business to the next level.
So we give you some effective recruitment strategies to attract these talented women.

Q&A: Carefree recruiting outside Europe

Recruiting outside Europe

Borderless recruiting opens up a world of possibilities. We list all the questions raised during the webinar "How to Recruit Carefree Outside Europe" and supplement them with answers from experts Massimo Maesen and Igor Van Assche.

Avoid fines through proper employment of foreign workers

Acquisition of subcontractors

Avoid fines and economic exploitation when employing temporary workers through foreign subcontracting. Learn how to correctly employ foreign workers and discover how Link2Europe can help with the transition to Belgian temporary employment. Prevention is better than cure!

Building international teams, how do you do it?

Building international teams

Multiculturalism is fueling the rise of international teams. But how to get everyone on the same cart and what to do about the language barrier? For 15 years Link2Europe has been linking foreign talent to Belgian companies. So we have some experience building international teams. Discover our best tips & tricks to make your (international) team as efficient as possible.