Hiring foreign staff: Diversity of Filipino employees

At Link2Europe, we let for 15 years the boundaries are blurring between foreign talent and Belgian job opportunities. We are therefore very proud to have our diverse team of foreign talent in 2024. expand with Filipino employees. This again opens up a new world of opportunities for companies looking for versatile and highly qualified professionals.

In this blog, we dive deeper into the sectors In which these new talents excel. Discover How Filipino employees can be a valuable asset to your organization and what opportunities may arise in different industries.

Driving force in the Philippines: Employment in various sectors

In the Philippines, more than half of those employed are in the service sector, a significant portion of which is involved in wholesale and retail trade, and motor vehicle and motorcycle repair. The agricultural sector, including forestry, hunting and fishing, also constitutes a significant share of employment. In addition, a substantial share of the employed population is engaged in the industrial sector. This distribution of employed persons among different sectors shows the diversity and versatility of the Filipino labor force. 

Global Impact: Filipino employees in top industries worldwide

Filipino employees are represented around the world in various sectors. Their contribution is particularly strong in the following areas:


In all corners of the world, from the bustling cities of the United States to the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, Filipino workers shine as true heroes in health care. Nurses, doctors and medical technologists from the Philippines are there contributing to the overall health of the population.

Construction Industry

From Saudi Arabia's impressive skyline to innovative construction projects in Indonesia, Filipino workers are essential players in the construction industry. From talented engineers and architects to hardworking laborers, their contribution is the foundation for construction success worldwide.

Hospitality and Tourism

From the warm atmosphere of Indonesia to the sunny beaches of Spain, Filipino professionals bring life to the hospitality and tourism industry. As hotel and restaurant staff and creative chefs, they leave an unforgettable impression on travelers and foodies.

Information Technology (IT)

In today's digital world, Filipino IT professionals are the pioneers making their mark in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United States and Switzerland. They are the doers behind innovative technologies.


From vibrant classrooms in the United States to serene schools in Japan, Filipino educators and language teachers are key to knowledge transfer. Their passion for education is driving positive change around the world.

Household services

In the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong to the charming homes of Italy, it is Filipino workers who provide the helping hands in household services. 

Production and Manufacturing

In countries such as Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea, Filipino workers play a crucial role in production and manufacturing. Their skill and dedication lift manufacturing processes to new heights.


In the vast fields of Australia to the verdant landscapes of New Zealand, Filipino workers are discovering new opportunities in the agricultural sector. Their efforts contribute to food production and sustainable agricultural practices.

Finance and Banking

In Hong Kong and Switzerland, Filipino professionals are proving their worth. They bring expertise and dynamism to the world of finance, making them crucial to global economies.


From impressive construction projects in Qatar to technological innovations in Germany, Filipino engineers are the driving force behind progress. Their diverse expertise is reflected in various disciplines, making them essential to the global engineering community.

Recruiting Filipino talent: The right partner

To ensure that Belgian companies can fully utilize the diversity of Filipino employees, the collaboration with a reliable, local partner necessary. This way we can quickly take the right steps to attract this foreign talent to Belgian vacancies.

Our specialized overseas partner has been consistently awarded by the Central Bank (CB) and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) 1979 award programs since their inception. Our recruitment partner's commitment to excellence in business ethics and honorable practices has been fundamental to their remarkable success over four decades of service. On April 21, 2010, they received the highest award which may be granted to any Filipino recruitment agency, granted by the President of the Philippines: "Presidential Awardee ".

A new dimension of opportunities for Belgian job postings

At Link2Europe we believe in bringing together diverse talents to enrich the world of work. Let's explore together In which job openings Filipino employees can make their mark on the Belgian job market and how your company can benefit from this expansion of our international talent pool. Welcome to Link2Europe's new dimension of opportunities!

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