Leave the search to Link2Europe specialists!

Leave the search to our Link2Europe specialists!

You always want enough employees? When you are growing, at peak times, when the need is high? Link2Europe finds international talent for you, with experience and motivation. Link2Europe's temporary employees are on the work floor within 2 weeks on average, and for permanent recruitment we only select candidates who meet your requirements.

From now on, leave the difficult search to our specialists! Since 2007 Link2Europe has been searching and finding employees for hard-to-fill vacancies from the international labor market. They are immediately employable thanks to the smooth integration we guarantee on your shop floor and in your office. So you can move forward, without worries.

Is international talent the solution for your business?

Our approach

Pragmatic assistance for rapid integration

Administrative support

Inflow of talent

Link2Europe clients say


The Rocker Logistics

"Employees with a passionate work ethic"



"Link2Europe  seeks, screens and recruits quality operators abroad"



"Managing peak times with temporary employment through Link2europe"

Metal sector


"Link2europe makes the link to good and reliable people"

We are mainly active in these sectors

Link2Europe other sectors

Other sectors

Link2Europe industry and production

Industry and production

Link2Europe metal


Link2Europe textiles


Link2Europe: Transport and logistics

Transportation and logistics

Link2Europe power supply


Link2Europe construction

Construction and infrastructure

Link2Europe: tire center

Tire Centers

Link2Europe: automotive


Recruitment and selection for your open positions.

For years, only Link2Europe has focused exclusively on filling bottleneck vacancies with foreign candidates - also for clerical and management profiles!

Bottleneck occupations

Link2Europe employees have relevant work experience and are quickly fully employable. They also appear to be more motivated than the average employee.

+15 years of experience with foreign employees with bottleneck occupations make Link2Europe able to act quickly.

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Recruiting abroad

Your new employees come here to work and can concentrate on their work with you thanks to Link2Europe's support.

Thanks to Link2Europe's Belgian contracts, you are perfectly in tune with all the terms of employment. You retain flexibility and can also count on loyal employees in the long term.

Whoever you want to recruit

Link2Europe finds the best solution in the international labor market:

Fully deployable temporary workers and permanent contracts quickly