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In a previous blog we already talked about the addition of the Philippines as a new talent pool from which we at Link2Europe can fish for Belgian (bottleneck) vacancies. In this blog we want to Bringing out the strengths of Filipino workers so that Belgian employers can easily get a view of Why a Filipino worker is the ideal foreign worker to hire. Is there a link to your business? Please judge for yourself!

Why companies from around the world are eager to hire Filipino workers

Companies around the world prefer to hire Filipino workers for various reasons: 

Versatile and fast learning

Filipino workers attach high value of education and are therefore often quick to learn new skills and adapt to different roles and responsibilities. Their love of learning makes them flexible and versatile in various work roles. 

Communication Skills

Filipinos are known for their proficiency in English, allowing them to communicate easily with international colleagues and clients. They are also quick to learn other foreign languages, making them valuable in a globalizing job market. 

Analytical thinking skills

Filipino workers are often analytical thinkers who thoroughly analyze problems and devise solutions. They do not easily panic under pressure, but use their energy to focus on analyzing situations and solving problems. 

High productivity

Filipino workers know how to keep their be able to use time efficiently and are often focused on the completion of tasks. They are willing to go the extra mile and exceed expectations, which makes them highly productive. 

Professional and polite

Foreign talent from the Philippines bring a positive attitude to their workplace and are known for their politeness and humility. This makes them pleasant colleagues and effective team players. 

These features, combined with their strong work ethic and dedication, make Filipino workers a valuable hire for Belgian companies looking for qualified personnel to join their teams quickly.  

What are the strengths of Filipino workers? 

Discover the extraordinary assets Filipino workers bring with them that make them stand out in the world of work and professionalism. Their distinctive traits not only make them suitable for diverse work environments, but are also a source of strength for any team. From resilience to calm under pressure, the unique qualities of Filipino professionals make them valuable assets in today's dynamic work context. 

Resilience and adaptability

Filipinos are known for their resilience and ability to adapt to new and challenging situations. This trait enables them to deal effectively with unexpected events and find creative solutions when needed. Partly because of this trait, they are the ideal candidate to work abroad. 

Passion and dedication

Foreign talent from the Philippines often shows A strong drive and dedication To excel in his or her work. They have an excellent work ethic and strive to deliver quality work. 


Philippines are proactive and often take the initiative in their work. They not only go beyond what is expected of them, but also actively work to improve processes and results. 


Workers from the Philippines are reliable and take responsibility for their work. They ensure compliance with requirements and accept liability for any deficiencies. 

Calmness under pressure

Lastly, Filipino workers have the ability to stay calm under pressure and deal effectively with stressful situations. They analyze situations carefully and react appropriately to solve problems. 

From health care to construction to education to engineering, if you want to hire a foreign worker to fill a Belgian vacancy, the strengths of Filipino workers speak for themselves.

Contact us and together we can go over what Link2Europe and Filipino foreign talent can do for your company. 

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