#Podcast: ZigZag HR and Link2Europe on international recruiting 

International recruiting has today become an indispensable part of an effective recruitment strategy. Our country has become too small to absorb economic growth. Therefore, we must also look beyond our country's borders for talent. And that's what Natascha Nagels, General Manager of Link2Europe got to explain during the #ZigZag HR podcast. You can watch it here!  

What was a supplement 15 years ago to address shortages in our Belgian labor market is today become an indispensable part of an effective recruitment strategy. But there is a lot involved. And where it was initially easy to find international talent, today you have to look with a magnifying glass, because even in Europe the pool of talent is gradually drying up and there are many barriers that make it difficult, even unattractive, for foreign talent to come and work in Belgium.  

With Europe's demographics showing baby boomers leaving the labor market in the face of too few new births, dhe pressure on our labor market will continue at least until 2030 and even increase toward 2050. Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with that pressure, and in this podcast we're going to zoom in on one of those ways, international recruiting. 

Link2Europe currently has about 800 or so unique people they bring to Belgium per year to come to work. This is on the rise because international recruitment, although still a niche market, is becoming a hot topic with many HR departments. 

The functions and sectors in which those 800 people are located today are all possible sectors of automotive, textiles, the unskilled worker to the order picker, engineers to site managers. So very specialized profiles and just about everything in between. 

This is a difference from the profiles that Link2Europe, when they started 15 years ago, mainly had to look for. Back then it was very specific about forklift drivers, reach truck drivers and C+E drivers. 

Dive into the ZigZag HR podcast and get immersed in the possibilities of international recruiting. 



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