Wanted: affordable housing for foreign workers

Together strong for affordable housing

Calling entrepreneurs: Recruit internationally and make companies' voices heard! 

Every day we see companies struggling with the looming impact of a labor shortage on their organizations. With historically low unemployment rates and an overwhelming number of job openings, it is clear that employers need to focus on international recruitment more than ever to meet labor market demands. 

We, along with our fellow interim offices, have the main goal of convincing a solid group of foreign skilled workers to come to Flanders to strengthen the Flemish economy. However, we encounter a wall - a wall of housing problems. 

The bottleneck in this story is clear: those who come to work in Flanders from abroad need a place to live. We keep running into numerous practical and legal challenges to provide enough housing quickly. And that constitutes a firmly attracted brake to flexibly and efficiently support companies with foreign workers.

To address this housing issue, we joined forces with several staffing organizations for international recruitment. The outcome of our joint efforts is a policy paper designed to spur policymakers to action. This paper contains three concrete recommendations:

  1. Co-housing in single-family homes. 
  2. Adaptation of the unfeasible technical requirements Relating to workforce housing. 
  3. A uniform framework of standards for temporary housing of labor. 

Via this link you will find our note compiled in a convenient one-pager, as well as the full note is to read. 

We need your support! 

Help us make our voice heard with Minister Diependaele, who has the ability to make these effectively address housing issues. We ask you to support our initiative to make clear to policymakers the acute need for economic migration as a solution to the current labor shortage. 

Please add your voice to ours. Thank you for helping to address the current issues surrounding housing into motion! 

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