PRESS RELEASE - Link2Europe expands services to Recruitment and Selection of highly skilled foreign talent for Belgian bottleneck occupations

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Bornem -  Bottleneck vacancies  filling in remains an ongoing challenge for many companies in Belgium. The pond is too small, the number of local graduates is too low, business demand is too high and the "War for Talent" does not provide sustainable solutions.

Since 2007, Link2Europe gained extensive expertise in the international recruitment of blue-collar temporary workers for bottleneck occupations. Services are now being expanded to include recruitment and selection from specialized, technical and highly skilled profiles from abroad in permanent employment. Not only from the EU, because since 2019 the Flemish government made it possible to recruit workers from non-EU countries in an accelerated manner, for long-term employment.

Link2Europe thus aims to offer its Belgian clients the opportunity to motivated talent from Europe and from all over the world, this of course coupled with a thorough support of the candidates for their integration, administration and housing for the start at their new job. 

We aim here primarily - but not exclusively - at the following profiles: engineers, technical specialists (maintenance), experts (R&D, calculators, quality profiles, draftsman-designers...) and highly educated executives and management. From our familiar Eastern and Southern Europe, but also from Ukraine, the Balkan countries, Brazil,...

About Link2Europe

For more than 13 years, Link2Europe has been the specialist for Belgian companies to assist them in their search for European temporary workers.

For this, the company actively recruited on the international labor market, from qualified workers in logistics and industry to technical bottleneck profiles. In addition to its own offices in Belgium, Poland and Portugal, Link2Europe has recruitment partners for this purpose in numerous other European countries and beyond.

Link2Europe focuses primarily on the industrial and logistics sectors in Belgium and this year further expanded its services to specialized construction profiles, the healthcare sector and the filling of highly skilled, technical and specialist vacancies from around the world.

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Johan Verbeeck | Business Partner International Recruitment
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Natascha Nagels | General Manager Link2Europe
+ 32 (0) 499 86 10 41 | Natascha@link2europe.be

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