Link2Europe: a look back at 2022 in figures

2022 was another banner year for Link2Europe. Now that the pains of Covid 19 have finally subsided, the Belgian labor market is once again experiencing a major acceleration. And then the need for talented employees is a top priority for many Belgian companies looking to get ahead. Also in 2022, our services offered pragmatic help, administrative support and an influx of foreign talent, which resulted in the following figures.

Link2Europe had no fewer than 709 temporary workers under contract in 2022. We are therefore very proud that, also in 2022, we remain the preferred partner of many Belgian companies to attract and employ foreign talent in bottleneck vacancies. The figures we are able to present testify to the confidence that both employers and temporary workers, after more than 15 years of operation, still have in Link2Europe's services.

Gender gap is narrowing

Of the 709 temporary workers, 143 were women and 566 were men. The fact that the majority of temporary workers were men is due to the high number of technical vacancies we receive. Link2Europe is always committed to diversity and equal opportunities in the labor market, but the stigma remains that technical jobs are mainly held by men. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see that more and more women are participating in temporary employment, including in technical occupations, and thus making their mark in different sectors.

Women excel in logistics and manufacturing sectors

Our female temps were mainly active in the logistics (warehouse) and manufacturing sectors. We find that female temps thrive easily in these demanding work environments. They are often very stress resistant and very flexible.

The upgrade to a permanent contract

A notable figure from 2022 is that out of 709 temporary workers, 26 workers were given permanent contracts. This demonstrates Link2Europe's ability not only to find talented temporary workers, but also to support them in obtaining long-term and stable employment. 

Continuity in talent

And then a final statistic. Although many of our candidates come to Belgium to temporarily cover annual peak periods at logistics clients, of the 709 temporary workers, as many as 218 are still working in 2023. They thus remain full-time in Belgium, while many of their colleagues travel off after their temporary contract to then return during the next peak period. We are so pleased that both employees and employers can achieve such great results thanks to the cooperation with Link2Europe.

The start-up of recruitment and selection

2022 was an extra special year for Link2Europe. Because in addition to continuing our already existing activities, temporary employment and acquisition of subcontractors, a new activity was added last year: recruitment and selection, for specialized, technical and highly skilled profiles. In 2022, this business unit focused mainly on its startup with a good foundation. Nevertheless, we are very proud to be able to present a good figure here as well: 8 confirmed starters, what a sales of more than 100,000€ entails. We sound off on this great beginning and look forward to an interesting future. 

Also have enough employees when you are growing, at peak times or when the need is high? Link2Europe finds you international talent, with experience and motivation. Contact us and we'll work out your recruitment strategy together.

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