How does Link2Europe find its talented foreign workers?

As a specialized agency for attracting foreign talent for temporary and permanent employment, Link2Europe has a large international network and a proven process for finding the best candidates and putting them to work in your workplace. How we do that so consistently? We'll explain.

Belgian companies looking for new employees turn to Link2Europe to talented candidates from all over the world to fill their temporary and permanent vacancies. As a specialized agency, Link2Europe has years of experience in recruiting and selecting talented foreign candidates with experience. Just because we have been doing this for more than 15 years, we have a clear process and steadfast foreign partners, allowing us to find the right employee for the right job time after time. 

The selection process

Link2Europe's selection process begins by screening candidates who apply for open positions. It looks at the relevance of the candidate's experience and education for the position in question. When a candidate is invited for an interview, they will also be evaluated on their motivation and personality. Candidates are also evaluated based on their language skills where English is a must.  

This accuracy is important for you, as a future employer, but also for us. After all, we take responsibility for helping people move and get to work. This initial interview is conducted by our International recruitment partners in the different countries

In the event of a positive evaluation, one of our Belgian employees will always receive a video call set up with the potential candidates. This is especially necessary when we are looking for candidates with a higher profile for filling long-term vacancies through temporary employment or for immediate permanent contracts as is the case with our recruitment and selection business unit. When we need to be faster on the ball for temporary employment during peak periods, then a telephone interview is often sufficient.

You as the client will receive a selection with the most suitable candidates after the interviews and then you can choose which candidates you want to interview further. After your final final selection, Link2Europe ensures your new employee gets off to a good start and we provide both the supervision of that employee(s) as in yours.

The network

Link2Europe has an extensive network of international partners, all over Europe, but also in countries such as Pakistan, Kenya, Senegal, Nigeria, Moldova, Ukraine, Philippines, Brazil and UK. This allows us to quickly and easily target specific regions and talent pools to find the best foreign candidates.

Also, we are very proud of our collaborations with partners al Payoke, Match Project IOM and DT4E, which also allows us to help people on the run, or in a difficult personal situation, to build a new life here in Belgium.

Social media and online platforms

The power of social media should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to spread job openings and attract young driven talent. Therefore, we eagerly use social media and online platforms to find our candidates and share relevant job opportunities. We use our social media channels We also aim to attract foreign talent to come and work in Belgium with informative blogs. We let them know about Belgian taxes, what fun activities there are to do during the summer and relevant information about Belgian culture. 

We also regularly post ads on various international job boards and job sites to spread the widest possible net. Because that is precisely the advantage of recruiting abroad. The pond is simply many times larger. 

Finding talented foreign workers to deploy in the Belgian labor market is thus a very specific activity that requires expertise and agility. There is no room for imprudence when a mismatch has far-reaching consequences. Therefore, trust a partner who has been doing nothing else for more than 15 years and make the link with Link2Europe. 

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