Q&A: Carefree recruiting outside Europe

Recruiting outside Europe

Borderless recruiting opens up a world of possibilities. We list all the questions raised during the webinar "How to Recruit Carefree Outside Europe" and supplement them with answers from experts Massimo Maesen and Igor Van Assche.

Avoid fines through proper employment of foreign workers

Acquisition of subcontractors

Avoid fines and economic exploitation when employing temporary workers through foreign subcontracting. Learn how to correctly employ foreign workers and discover how Link2Europe can help with the transition to Belgian temporary employment. Prevention is better than cure!

Building international teams, how do you do it?

Building international teams

Multiculturalism is fueling the rise of international teams. But how to get everyone on the same cart and what to do about the language barrier? For 15 years Link2Europe has been linking foreign talent to Belgian companies. So we have some experience building international teams. Discover our best tips & tricks to make your (international) team as efficient as possible.

The 3 steps toward recruiting abroad

Recruiting abroad

In the current Belgian job market, more and more vacancies remain without response, or the candidates who apply lack the necessary skills. At Link2Europe, we advocate the 3-month rule. Still haven't found a suitable candidate after 3 months? Then it's time to start with the 3 steps towards recruitment abroad.

Link2Europe introduces:
Global Recruitment & Selection

Link2Europe Global Recruitment & Selection

Link2Europe introduces: Global Recruitment & Selection. The War for Talent continues inexorably. Many Belgian employers cannot find suitable profiles to fill their vacancies. By expanding your search and looking across borders in search of international talent, you increase your chances of success. Link2Europe is therefore adding the Global Recruitment & Selection department to its portfolio. Discover more here.

Inflation, the biggest challenge of the moment

Link2europe inflation, the biggest challenge of the moment

Langst one hand, Link2Europe is a recruitment agency like any other, with the exception that we source our talent for temporary and permanent employment from abroad. From just about every European country, we screen candidates based on competencies, attitude, drive and qualifications. Where we are the odd man out is in our services. And that is one of our biggest challenges at the moment. How do you maintain competitive prices for clients, but provide comfort for your candidates in these times of high inflation?

Belgium limps behind in European battle for talent

Link2Europe battle for talent

The world is big and, thanks to technology, it is truly borderless today, which means that companies are no longer just looking under the steeple for new talent. Even in Europe, after the Corona break, globalization has jumped back into 6th gear. Still, Belgium is starting to lag behind more and more in the battle for international talent and budding.

15 Years of Link2Europe: the people behind the scenes

Link2europe thank you to all the supporters

Link2Europe is not a success of 1 person or 1 team. Many individuals and stakeholders have a
influenced or been part of the success we know today. Nevertheless, I am trying to identify some
to specifically honor and thank people for the past 15 years.

15 Years of Link2Europe 2017- 2022

Link2europe the last 5 years, but not the end

Link2Europe underwent a major change over the next few years. The objective was simple enough: double the turnover in 5 years. A plan was drawn up and consisted of about 100 actions and action points that would take us at least two years....