4 needs Link2Europe solves with the employment of foreign workers in Belgium

Since 2007, Link2Europe has been seeking and finding employees for hard-to-fill vacancies. As there was a better balance between supply and demand in the 2000s, these were exclusively temporary workers. But now we see an increasing imbalance between the supply of experienced workers and the need on the labor market for suitable profiles. That is why we are moving up our offer to include recruitment and selection. In this way, we can meet the 4 needs of Belgian employers with our service, which Link2Europe does, even after all these years, exclusively through the employment of foreign workers in Belgium.

Providing temporary foreign workers as employment agency

If you cannot find employees locally for your temporary vacancies, we look at how we can make a difference for your company with the employment of foreign workers. With over +15 years of experience in recruiting foreign workers for temporary employment, we can act very quickly. To fill vacancies that only offer 3-4 months of employment, you don't want to wait months. That's why we work with an extensive network of partners who search and find foreign talent in their local markets. The screening of foreign candidates for knowledge, experience and motivation is then done by our experienced recruitment consultants and support staff. They know what is important for Belgian companies, speak the native language of the future employee and explain everything in detail so that there are no misunderstandings about the job content later.

Some sectors of employment: construction and infrastructure, logistics, food, metal, manufacturing and production.

Providing permanent foreign workers as recruitment office

Adding to the high number of vacancies, Belgium faces a 2nd problem. With an employment rate of 70.3%, Belgium was one of the worst students in Europe last year. Belgium is well below the European average of 73.1%. That means that a whole bunch of employable 20- to 64-year-olds are not active and therefore cannot solve your open vacancy. Only Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Serbia and Romania are doing even worse. To fill that shortfall, Link2Europe has recently started employing foreign workers via permanent contract immediately with our client. Once again, international partnerships ensure a wide range of talent, so that your new permanent employee will be on your shop floor after approximately 3 to 6 months, depending on whether they come from inside or outside the European borders.

Some examples of profiles: management and executive, IT specialists, site managers and project coordinators.

Employ foreign workers to deal with moments of crisis

When the need is greatest, our recruitment consultants are nearby. Every year we provide foreign talent to meet the needs of Belgian seasonal labor. During peak seasons in tire plant and logistics, for example, you can count on us to employ experienced foreign workers. They know the job, so no further training is required and they are immediately employable upon arrival in Belgium. During their 3 to 4 month assignment, Link2Europe also provides accommodation and transport. So they can fully focus on their work. Providing 50 new staff members in one fell swoop is also something we have experience in. So feel free to ask your question and give us a challenge!

Hear from our customers: https://link2europe.be/getuigenis/bandencentrale-2/ & https://link2europe.be/getuigenis/vf-europe-succesvolle-uitzendkrachten/

Transferring foreign workers To Belgian temporary employment with acquisition of subcontractors

Every now and then a report comes along in the Belgian press about the economic exploitation of foreign employees. But even without ill will, it is not always easy to follow all the rules in the Belgian bureaucracy. It sometimes takes a real connoisseur to make sure you are okay with everything. That's why you can also count on Link2Europe for the acquisition of subcontractors. We know from experience that the transition can often be complex. Before, employees received an amount per week or month and now there is gross and net pay, social charges, legal leave, different working conditions, and so on. You have to explain and frame that well to your employees. Therefore, this guidance also often takes several months, until everyone is completely comfortable with the new situation.

Provided guidance: Infosessions, explanation of rights and obligations of an employment foreign workers in Belgium, explanation around safety rules, guidance on living and working and housing & transportation where necessary.

Quickly fully deployable temporary workers or permanent contracts with 100% correct payroll and legal security, that is, and always will be, our core business. Contact Link2Europe or call 03 740 76 76 and let's tackle your open positions together!


Whoever you want to recruit; employees for weekly, monthly or permanent contracts....

Practical or highly skilled, blue-collar or white-collar workers, Link2Europe finds the best solution on the international labor market. You can read the story of how Link2Europe became what it is today in the series 15 years of Link2Europe:

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Whoever you want to recruit

Link2Europe finds the best solution in the international labor market:

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