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You can hire candidates from within the EU like a Belgian employee, without additional work permits. Do you have vacancies open from the official bottleneck occupations list , then you can even easily hire workers from outside the EU through a single permit.

The single permit can also be used for highly skilled blue-collar and white-collar workers, even if it is not an official bottleneck occupation. For them, only a recognized diploma and a sufficiently high gross annual salary are taken into account.

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Link2Europe: automotive


Most reputable garages, body shops and manufacturing companies today are highly digitized ...
Link2Europe: tire center

Tire Centers

90% of the work in tire plants is seasonal ...
Link2Europe construction

Construction and infrastructure

The Construction and Infrastructure sector has high health and safety requirements ...
Link2Europe power supply


Food companies operate under strict HACCP rules, which must be known by everyone on the shop floor. ...
Link2Europe: Transport and logistics

Transportation and logistics

Thanks to our central location in Europe, Belgium is the country of choice for logistics bases, distribution centers ...
Link2Europe textiles


Operators, upholsterers, maintenance technicians ... in the textile sector, they are among the dying professions. ...
Link2Europe metal


Some of our metallurgical clients have been satisfied with their metalworkers, welders ...
Link2Europe industry and production

Industry and production

In the Belgian industrial and manufacturing sector, technological progress and innovation are central ...
Link2Europe other sectors

Other sectors

Seasonal and project work Companies are always in need of seasonal workers and extra employees at peak times ...
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